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A-level success for Sir Isaac Newton students

Published on 15/08/19

Students tell their story after receiving A-level results 

After a successful A-level results day, we spoke to some of our Sir Isaac Newton students to see how they were feeling after opening those all important envelope.

Dominic Turner, student since 2017 has worked hard to achieve his incredible three A* results. We asked him how he was feeling now he has the results to continue his love for Chemistry at his chosen university. 

''I am so pleased, I have worked really hard and I'm looking forward to relaxing a little bit now. Sir Isaac Newton has prepared me well for university.''

Dominic Turner, three A* in Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

Two of our students who were very happy to be going to university to train to become a doctor and a nurse are Emily Jessop and George Robertson. 

Emily, who will be attending Sheffield Medical school said: ''I am speechless, I can't believe it has all paid off after all the hard work. Sir Isaac Newton has been fantastic, the staff were so helpful and they treat you like an adult and have prepared us so well for university. It has been the perfect bridge between college and university.''

George, who will be training to become a nurse at South bank in London said:  ''I'm just so happy, I've wanted this for so long and you put in a lot of work, it's been non-stop revision but it's worth it.''


Emily Jessop, training to become a doctor and George Robertson, training to become a nurse.


One very happy student, Fahmida Akther, was extremely overwhelmed with her results as she explained how excited she was to be going to St Georges in London. She said:  ''I've wanted to be a doctor my whole life and I was worried I wouldn't get the grades, but I did. I can't believe it's going to happen.''


Fahmida Akther, attending St Georges university in London.

Emily Roper was very excited to have achieved three A's in her A-levels and can't wait to attend Nottingham university where she will be studying Veterinary medicine. 

She said: ''I was so worried about the exams, I didn't think I had done that well but I am really pleased. Sir Isaac has helped me to prepare for university and has been really supportive.''


Congratulations to all of our students and good luck with your chosen path. We wish you every success for the future.