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Ready, shreddy, go for plastic recycling scheme

Published on 17/01/18

Design and technology students at Hethersett Academy are reducing plastic wastage at the school with a new recycling scheme.

The department has invested in an industrial shredder which can shred a range of plastics including acrylic, PET from drinks bottles, HDPE from plastic milk bottles and lids, and polypropylene, which comes from other food containers.

New dedicated recycling bins help students to sort the plastic before they shred it.

Some materials, like acrylic, can be reformed into sheets which can then be laser cut and reused in the department.

Other plastics, like PET and propylene, will be sold as shreddings to the recycling centre.

Head of technology Kate Finlay said: “This is a great opportunity to help students understand the differences between plastics that we use, as well as helping the environment.”