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Virtual reality trip takes pupils around the world

Published on 20/03/17

Pupils at a Norwich primary school have enjoyed a field trip to some of the world’s most amazing places – without leaving the classroom.

Thanks to a tie up with technology giant Google, the children from Norwich Primary Academy donned virtual reality headsets on Monday, March 20 to visit exotic locations such as the Borneo rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, and step back in time to explore a medieval castle.

Guided by their teachers, the children were immersed in a 3D world where they could look around for a 360-degree view and zoom in to explore points of interest.

The virtual visits took place as part of Google’s Expeditions Pioneer Programme bringing enough Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets and smartphones for a whole class to take a trip together.

Teacher Amy Austin, whose Year 5 pupils have been studying defensive structures, led her class on an expedition to the Great Wall of China.

Ms Austin said: “It was fascinating to zoom along the Great Wall and explore its different sections, finding out all about its history, how it was built, and what it’s made from.

“This was a brilliant opportunity for the children to see for themselves places that they’ve been learning about, and they all thought the experience was fantastic!”