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School stops the pop for Fizz-Free February

Published on 21/01/19

Pupils and staff at Cromer Academy are being challenged to help their health by ditching fizzy drinks for a month.

The school has signed up to support ‘Fizz-Free February’, a national campaign aiming to promote dental health and tackle obesity caused by excess sugar intake.

Participants pledge to swap sugar-packed fizzy drinks for healthy alternatives such as water, and share their successes on social media using the hashtag #gofizzfree.

Headteacher Antony Little said: “We know that our pupils stick to healthy drinks during the school day, as we don’t sell sugary fizzy drinks or energy drinks in the canteen and pupils aren’t allowed to bring them in from home.

“Now we’re challenging students and staff to go a whole month without fizzy drinks outside school, too, with a special assembly and posters around the school to promote the campaign.”

Data from Public Health England suggests that sugar makes up 14% of teenagers’ daily calorie intake, while the official recommendation is to limit sugar to no more than 5%.

With nearly 80% of fizzy drinks containing six or more teaspoons of sugar per can, according to research by the campaign group Action on Sugar, it’s hoped that swapping them for low-sugar alternatives will set up healthy habits for the rest of the year.